Welcome to Sirius Sync

Read through this Knowledge Base to get a deeper insight into who we are and what we're building.
Welcome to Sirius Sync, the beacon of the web3 Social revolution. We are not just a Social platform; we are a universe where blockchain technology and immersive Social experiences converge. We are the architects of an ecosystem where creativity, innovation, and fun are the norm, not the exception.
We're thrilled you're here and excited to share the dynamic world we're building.
At Sirius Sync, we're not just creating a Social App- we're designing an ecosystem. An environment where cutting-edge blockchain technology merges seamlessly with immersive Tools and experiences.
About this Wiki: This Documentation serves as your guide to the Sirius Sync universe. It's a living document, regularly updated with the latest information, insights, and updates about our platform. It's your one-stop resource for everything Sirius Sync - from the specifics of our SRS coin to the intricacies of our blockchain-powered Social ecosystem.
For Users, this space will be helpful to gain insight to the Product Development and vital info to understand the Ecosystem we are Building
For Developers, this space will act as a reminder and allow you to find answers about Developer Tools and Validators etc.
Welcome to the future of Social Media, and welcome to Sirius Sync.
How to use it?
This space is designed to be read linearly, so start with our Vision, Mission & Focus and work down from there! We recommend reading everything through in one sitting and then revisiting and re-reading if you need to.